Freckles – Male – Hairless

Introducing Freckles, the extraordinary Hairless Chinese Crested puppy that stands out from the rest. With a charming speckled nose, Freckles is a showstopper. His intelligence shines through as he quickly grasps new concepts, making training a breeze. Ideal for families seeking a hypoallergenic and low-maintenance pet, Freckles is more than just a pet; he’s ready to add love, warmth, and joy to your home. Born Aug 4th.

Introducing Freckles: The Extraordinary Hairless Chinese Crested Puppy 🌟

Unique Appearance: With a charming speckled nose and a hairless coat that highlights his unique skin pattern, Freckles is a showstopper you won’t find anywhere else. 🎭

Quick Learner: Freckles’ intelligence is evident; he grasps new concepts in a flash, making training an absolute breeze.🧠

Health First: Rest easy knowing Freckles is up-to-date on all vaccinations, ensuring he’s as healthy as he is adorable. 💉

Hypoallergenic & Low-Maintenance: Being hairless, Freckles is the ideal choice for families seeking a pet that won’t trigger allergies and requires minimal grooming. 🌿

The Perfect Companion: More than just a pet, Freckles is ready to add love, warmth, and joy to your home. ❤️

Born on August 4th, just like his brother Marley, Freckles is ready to find his forever home. Don’t miss the chance to welcome this extraordinary, hairless pup into your life! 🐾