Max – Male – Hairless

Introducing your new best friend, Max! Prepare to be captivated by his stunning blue eyes. Max is an exceptionally rare hairless puppy with a heart full of love. He thrives on cuddling and cherishes being close to his human companions. Max, a beautiful and distinctive Chinese Crested puppy, is certain to win your heart with his playful and affectionate nature. But that’s not all! Max also has a relaxed temperament, making him a perfect fit for families and other pets. Whether it’s cozying up on the couch or enjoying quality time with loved ones, Max is always ready to bring comfort and joy to your home. Being hypoallergenic and low-maintenance, he’s an ideal pet for busy families or individuals with allergies.

Don’t let this charming and well-rounded little pup slip through your fingers – seize the opportunity to bring Max home and experience the endless happiness he brings!

UPDATE – Max has been placed in a forever home. If you would like bring home a puppy similar, make sure and get on our birth announcements notifications. Contact us!