Oslo – Male – Powderpuff

Introducing Oslo, the stunning Powderpuff puppy born on Aug 31st. With a magnetic presence and sharp intellect, Oslo stands out in any crowd. Anyone that pets him wants to take him home. He is perfect for individuals seeking a hypoallergenic and low-upkeep furry friend, Oslo promises to infuse love and fun into your world.

Oslo: The Star 🌟

  • Striking Looks: Lush coat that accentuates his charm. 🎭
  • Smart Pup: Keen and adaptive during training sessions. 🧠
  • Healthy: Starter vaccines are done, he is ready for adventures. 💉
  • Hypoallergenic & Low-Maintenance: A breeze to care for and gentle on allergies. 🌿

Oslo has found a home, but contact us for other great pups like Oslo!