Zorro– Male– Powderpuff

Here is Zorro…. the very striking Powderpuff Chinese Crested who’s impossible to ignore! With his eye-catching Zorro-inspired mask and endearing speckled nose, Marley never fails to steal the spotlight. His quick wit is evident as he effortlessly picks up new skills, simplifying the training process. Rest assured, Marley has received all his vaccinations and is in peak health. Perfect for families in search of a hypoallergenic and easy-to-care-for companion, Zorro offers more than just companionship; he’s set to bring love, comfort, and happiness into your household. Born on August 4th.

🎭 Unique Appearance: With a captivating Zorro-like mask and a charming speckled nose, Zorro is a showstopper you won’t find anywhere else. Super soft!!!

🌿 Hypoallergenic & Low-Maintenance: Ideal for families seeking a pet that’s easy on allergies and requires minimal grooming.

❤️ The Perfect Companion: More than just a pet, Zorro is ready to add love, warmth, and joy to your home.