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Jasper – Hairless – Male

Meet Jasper! Jasper is a remarkable hairless Chinese Crested who not only captivates with his unique look but also enchants with his lively and loving personality. His deep, expressive eyes reveal a clever and playful spirit, earning him the nickname “Magic Man.” Everyone who holds this guy adores him! Jasper is in excellent health and…
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Moxie – Hairless – Female

Meet Moxie! Moxie is an exceptional female hairless Chinese Crested puppy with a delightful charm. She’s not just adorable; she showcases unique beauty and irresistible cuteness. Moxie will light up your life with her playful and loving nature. She is so cute it hurts, everyone adores her! Chinese Crested puppies are known for their hypoallergenic…
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Benjamin – Hairless – Male

Meet Benjamin! Benjamin is an extraordinarily tiny hairless Chinese Crested puppy with a big heart. This little wonder is not only a unique find due to his highly desirable small size, but he’s also the perfect blend of tranquility and curiosity, eager to explore the world or enjoy peaceful moments at home. He is AMAZING!…
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Mimi – Female – Powderpuff

Introducing Mimi, a beautiful female Powderpuff. With one striking black eye, Mimi’s adorable look makes her uniquely captivating. She’s a bundle of cuteness, ready to sprinkle joy and laughter throughout your home. Mimi’s silky, super soft coat is perfect for unlimited cuddles. Her charming and playful personality guarantees that every day with her is filled…
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Willy – Male – Powderpuff

Meet Willy! Willy is a stunning black and white male Powderpuff. Willy is a delightful fluff of puppy cuteness, ready to fill your home with laughter and joy. With his plush, super soft coat, Willy is perfect for endless cuddles. His sweet and playful personality ensures that every day with him is filled with affection…
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Willow – Powderpuff – Female

Introducing Willow, a gentle female Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy. Willow’s silky coat and warm, inviting eyes promise the softest cuddles and a lifetime of memories. With a love for both playtime and quiet moments, Willow embodies the perfect mix of vivacity and tenderness. She’s smart, eager to please, and ideal for anyone seeking a hypoallergenic…
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Bella – Powderpuff – Female

Introducing Bella, a superbly soft female Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy. Her coat is like silk, making her a delight to hold and pet. She’s quick to learn, eager to please and soooo cute! Everyone loves her! Bella is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a hypoallergenic companion with minimal grooming needs. She will be small!…
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Sadie – Powderpuff – Female

Meet Sadie, a super healthy female Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy born on February 28, 2024. With her soft, fluffy coat and engaging eyes, Sadie is a bundle of joy ready to charm her way into your heart and home. This little girl loves to play, cuddle, and explore the world with her keen sense of…
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Chinese Crested: Understanding Their Role as Support Animals

Discover the profound emotional support and healing benefits of Chinese Crested dogs. Learn how these unique companions serve as more than just pets, but as true emotional anchors.

Cody – Powderpuff – Male

🌟 Meet Cody: The Powderpuff Chinese Crested Puppy with Mesmerizing Blue Eyes 🌟 Introducing Cody, with his soft, captivating blue eyes and charming face, Cody is the epitome of a showstopper. His playful and loving personality shines through, making him the perfect addition to any family. Up-to-date with his starter shots and ideal for those…
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Brax Chinese Crested Hairless

Braxton – Hairless – Male

Meet Braxton, a sweet and super affectionate male Chinese Crested Hairless. Braxton has a unique charm with his hairless coat and soft skin, ready to receive all the gentle cuddles and love you can offer. He has a friendly personality, easily getting along with other pets and family members. He is smart, attentive, and eager…
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Freckles – Male – Hairless

Introducing Freckles, the extraordinary Hairless Chinese Crested puppy that stands out from the rest. With a charming speckled nose, Freckles is a showstopper. His intelligence shines through as he quickly grasps new concepts, making training a breeze. Ideal for families seeking a hypoallergenic and low-maintenance pet, Freckles is more than just a pet; he’s ready…
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